Thursday, August 26, 2010

Laugh Your Way to a Better Christmas

An early reader of "The Heart's Harbor" in A DOOR COUNTY CHRISTMAS novella collection commented that Harland's swim fins were a romantic gesture that showed the depths of his love for Lola. Only Harland and Lola could pull that off. It blessed me, Amanda Brooks, too. I'm the invention of my author--Cynthia--but you and I know better. Most of me is just like most of you. If you could have seen Harland flip-flapping on the hardwood floors of that beautiful inn, you would have reacted the same way I did. Good talking to you. I have to go now. Cherry pecan coffee cake's about to come out of the oven. That first slice with a shingle of good old Wisconsin dairyland butter...mmm! Oh, that reminds me. I'd better start the coffee maker. You never know who might drop by.

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