Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Frozen Custard Addict

Joanna, here.

Amanda's thinking about lakes. She's such a romantic.

I'm thinking frozen custard.

This fall has proved warmer than usual, but is that relevant? Not for me, a lifetime addict. Not Licked Yet, my frozen custard mecca in Fish Creek--and the world--keeps a toes-toasty fire going on chilly days. It's the perfect place to snuggle with a fellow addict--in my case, Paul--and snarf down a sundae or two. Or three.

Today, will I go with my usual Door County Sundae, with its creamy, dreamy frozen custard immersed in hot cherries and hot fudge with mounds of whipped cream?

Paul swears by the Yankee Snickerdoodle Doo Sundae--frozen custard between two yummy cookies, covered with hot caramel. My author loves that one, too. Really, dear, you might have gone with the smaller size.
We'll all have to put a few dozen miles on our bikes to handle this treat. Is it worth it?

Oh, yeah. . . .


  1. ROTFL!

    That Snickerdoodle Doo sounds good...

  2. Oooh, it is wonderful. We'll have to get together and make/eat a few sometime!