Thursday, November 4, 2010

Chilled But Cheered

Amanda, again. I just heard that my author (I call her mine but that's like a cat thinking she has an owner. It's the other way around) and her good friend who just happens to be Jillian's author are coming to Door County next week! I'm thrilled! Maybe I'll have a chance to meet her and ask her why she didn't make me thinner. Or less insecure.

Anyway, I hope the chill in the air right now scoots back to Lake Superior where it belongs while the authors are here. I'd so love them to see my beloved Door County at her finest--which reminds me. I may need a new outfit. A nice butter-yellow hooded sweatshirt.

So, my author Cynthia (I call her Cyn for short) and Becky Melby will be here in just a few days! They're stopping in at The Landmark Resort on Thursday night the 11th for a booksigning (Great! Now EVERYONE will know about my insecurities!) at the Comedy Dinner Theater. Then Friday afternoon, November 12th, from 1-3 they're greeting readers at the Cupola House right here in Egg Harbor. That'll be fun. I wonder if I can treat them to a gelato. On Saturday, they're driving back down to Green Bay for an author event at Lighthouse Christian Bookstore from 11-1 or whenever. On Sunday afternoon, they're back up here on the "quiet" side of the peninsula in Baileys Harbor at Novel Ideas for an author event from 1-3.

I hope they enjoy themselves while they're here and remember to pick up some more dried cherries for chicken salad. Nothing like Door County dried cherries. And I have a new recipe for those bacon-wrapped Medjool dates. Proscuitto. Yum. Salty and sweet in the same bite.

Jordan just called. He wondered if I'd like to have dinner tonight at the White Gull Inn. I have a dumb old tuna casserole in the oven already, but it can wait for some other day. You won't catch me passing up a chance to sit near that enormous fireplace, sipping hot cherry cider, and staring into...that mounded plateful of arugula salad with candied pecans. You thought I was going to say something sappy about Jordan's melt-your-heart eyes, didn't you?

Yeah. Those eyes.


  1. "And I have a new recipe for those bacon-wrapped Medjool dates. Proscuitto. Yum. Salty and sweet in the same bite."

    YUM! that sounds fabulous!

  2. Wish I could join you, but I'll be visitin' my mama in Austin!

  3. Sounds like your author and Becky will have a fabulous time! I wouldn't mind having that recipe for the Medjool dates. Sounds yummy!