Monday, October 4, 2010

Maddy's Thoughts

Fall. It’s that time of year. Crisp autumn mornings have me bundled up in a sweater clutched tightly as I help Hilde into the backseat. I find myself distracted as I maneuver the Town Car on to the Interstate.

Vestal thinks I’m hilarious. “Cold?” He laughed. “Maddy, girl, you ain’t seen nothing yet.”

And he’s right. In my Texas hometown, fall is barely noticed. Up here--it’s a palette of fiery reds and yellows. Maples and red oaks dangle their colors and toss leaves to the wind. I want to gaze out the car window, but must watch the traffic.

When the Grissoms are tucked safely inside their home, I promise to take a long walk and drink in the view.

It's not too late to get in on Jillian's book giveaway (posted September 24)! Lola will be drawing a name out of her swim goggles on Wednesday, October 6! To enter, leave a comment here about your favorite place to be when the leaves start turning.


  1. I'd love to win Jillian's book. My favorite place to be when the leaves turn is Ashland, Ohio.

  2. I got so excited about this book only to realise I have it on order from Christian book I ordered all 4 of the barbour christmas novellas last week.

  3. Sisters,

    This book sounds like a fun read for autumn and winter--comfy and warm. As for my favorite place to be when the leaves turn, I have to list three: in an apple orchard gathering the fruit of the season with the grands and their parents; huddled with an audience at some lovely festival, sipping hot cider and telling my far-flung tales (I'm a storyteller); or sitting by a roaring fire--hands cradled around an earthenware mug, telling stories as the frost settles on the pumpkins and the plump persimmons plop to the ground.

    Write on!
    Because of Christ,
    Sharon Kirk Clifton
    skc[dot]storyteller[at sign]ballstate[dot]bsu[dot]com

  4. Only in my dreams have I been in an apple orchard or sipping cider by a roaring fire. Wow. Maybe I should leave S Texas for a northern visit. Thanks for dropping by, ladybugs. Eileen

  5. Would love to win a copy! The Blue Ridge Mountains in NC would be my favorite place to be when the leaves change.